Rafale Deal: French President Emmanuel Macron supporting PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi:

French President Emmanuel Macron has rushed to support Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Rafale controversy. Macron said that PM Modi was right in saying that it was an inter-governmental deal.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday rushed to support Indian government in countering Congress’ allegations on Rafale deal.

“PM Modi is right. That’s a Government to Government discussion. We have a very strong partnership between India and France regarding Defence.

“I will be very clear. It was a government-to-government discussion and I just want to refer to what Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi very clearly said a few days ago,” Macron had said earlier today. His predecessor, Francois Hollande had, in an interview to a French media house, said that the Indian government had proposed the name of Reliance as offset partner for Dassault, the original equipment manufacturer for Rafale. Hollande’s comments were politically exploited by the Congress party in India. (agency inputs)

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