One dead in anti-Ortega march in Nicaragua


An attack on a protest by opponents of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega left one person dead and at least five others wounded, police said Sunday.

The deceased was identified as Max Romero, who died as a result of “crossfire”, the police said in a statement that attributed his death to the protesters.

Months of turmoil in the Central American country have left more than 320 people dead, according to rights groups, but the unrest had declined in recent weeks before resurfacing at Sunday’s march, which called for the release of political prisoners.

“I was shot and wounded by Daniel Ortega’s paramilitaries,” a 41-year-old protester who was wounded in the arm and who did not wish to reveal his name told to a news agency, as he was treated in a church in an eastern neighbourhood of the city.

Fifteen-year-old Bryan Garcia, who was hit by a bullet, said: “It was the paramilitaries, they wounded me in the neck near the shoulder.”

Among the wounded was journalist Winston Potosme of the 100% Noticias channel, who was hurt in the arm.

The march, “We are the voice of political prisoners”, was convened by the relatives of at least 500 protesters imprisoned for participating in anti-government demonstrations, which began on April 18.

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