‘MyOxy’: Now carry your ‘oxygen can’ to beat breathing issues


New Delhi:

Breathing problems become quiet frequent during the winter season, especially in Delhi-NCR where air quality mostly remains very poor during the season. People witnessing such issues can now carry their own portable oxygen can and use it whenever needed.

Recently, Gupta Oxygen Pvt. Ltd, announced the launch of the FDA approved canned Oxygen, ‘MyOxy’ exclusively for the India market. MyOxy is the first and only OXYGEN I.P. in portable cans in India approved by FDA and manufactured under a valid drug license strictly adhering to Indian pharmacopoeial standards. Measuring 5.9 liters at 1200 kilopascal, MyOxy is a seamless aluminum disposable can with inbuilt mask allowing upto 100-150 inhalations per can. MyOxy will be available at leading pharmacies and medical stores across Delhi/NCR and online pharmacies.

Suitable for all age groups, MyOxy is fit for use by children, expecting and lactating mothers and elderly people. At >99% pure oxygen, MyOxy helps supplement low oxygen levels in the body caused due to air pollution, high altitude and breathlessness due to various reasons such as stale air, intense workout, alcohol consumption, jet lag, stress etc.

Air contains about 21 per cent oxygen while nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and other gases make up the rest. In congested areas oxygen levels can fall to as low as 14 per cent with car fumes further increasing carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide levels in the air.

Anand Gupta, CEO, MyOxy said, “Pollution continues to be a massive problem across India. Studies have shown that one out of every four premature deaths in India can be attributed to pollution. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi recently dived into the ‘very poor’ category. MyOxy is an endevaour to help people in polluted cities like Delhi/NCR realize the benefits of fresh oxygen and make it a part of their everyday life for their safety.”