Huawei unveils first 7nm chipset-Kirin 980 in India, to be available by Dec


Chinese tech giant Huawei Friday said its seven-nanometre mobile chipset Kirin 880 equipped with AI capabilities will reach Indian consumers in fourth quarter of this year.

“The chipset (Kirin 980) with Artificial Intelligence capabilities is set for commercial availability on Huawei devices for consumers before 2018 ends,’ Company Senior Product Director Brody Ji told reporters here.

This technological marvel will bring superlative performance, best smartphone photography and videography experience, he said.

“It will also bring the most-advanced mobile AI experience and outstanding connectivity anytime, anywhere to consumers,” he added.

The new chipset is the worlds first commercial System on a Chip (SoC) manufactured with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer Company’s (TSMC) 7nm process, the company said.

It also delivers best-in-class performance, efficiency, connectivity features, and Dual Neural Processing Units (NPUs) AI processing power, it said.

Compared to the previous generation 10nm process, the 7nm process packs 6.9 billion transistors in the same form factor as its predecessor, while delivering 20 per cent improved performance and 40 per cent more efficiency, Huawei said.

“The Dual-NPU setup affords greater AI processing power, which allows developers to create even richer AI experiences without having to lean on the cloud,” it said.

Kirin 980 can recognise up to 4,500 images per minute, which is a 120 per cent increase from its predecessor greater than the industry average, the company added.

Kirin 980 also supports multi-person motion prediction, which accurately reads the motion of human subjects at up 30fps and can rig their 3D model real time, it said.

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