Felt like an outsider when I was growing up: Cher


Music icon Cher said growing up, she always felt like an outsider.

Despite success, the 72-year-old artiste said, the feeling of not fitting in did not subside.

“I felt like an outsider when I was growing up. I didn’t really fit in. I didn’t really want to try to fit in. You never really forget it, no matter how successful you become.

“No matter what, you always have empathy and know what it is like to feel different,” Cher told Australia’s Courier Mail’s Confidential.

The veteran singer recently admitted she has “never been a huge Cher fan”.

“I never feel confident. Off and on, I’ve felt good about my singing. But I’ve never been a huge Cher fan. I like doing it more than hearing it. So except for a couple of albums…” she said.

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